Ultima Studio – Classic European Woodwork for Lovers of Solid Wood

The Veneto region of Italy (Verona – Venice – Vicenza) is known throughout the world as the cradle of superior classic European carpentry. The region is scattered with small family carpentry businesses that hand down their unique knowledge and traditional methods for processing and producing classic woodwork of a supreme, world-class level.

The Ultima Studio method includes: assuming full responsibility for the wood fabrication process, with the planning of the project done through cooperation between the project architect and our offices in Israel and Italy; a trip to Veneto with the client to select trees from highly regarded lumberyards for the purpose of achieving classic woodwork; selecting elite carpentry workshops in which we produce the particulars of the carpentry project by employing the finest master craftsmen. Most of these craftsmen speak no other languages, so we take pains to tap into their exclusive knowledge and working methods that are passed on from generation to generation. These are world-class experts who specialize in woodcarving and hand-painting of intricate elements of home woodwork. For them, carpentry is not just a job or a source of livelihood—it is a culture in itself and a way of life.

The supervision process for the woodwork done in Italy is performed by Ultima teams. Concurrently, we supervise the project accompaniment process in Israel, including accompanying the home's construction and preparing it for the installation process to be performed later.

We accomplish the shared vision of the architect and client. Each carpentry project is planned with a team of experts from Israel and Italy. Ultima's European team includes an Italian architect who specializes in the planning of classic carpentry projects to the smallest detail and an expert wood engineer who accompanies both the wood fabrication process and quality control at the master carpentry workshops. This method reduces to a minimum any possible hitches in the project.

The Studio's team believes in the saying that "G-d is in the details". Upon returning from our tour of master workshops in Italy, we complete the preparation of detailed carpentry plans and prepare painted wooden models for approval by the client. Only after the client's approval do we begin the manufacturing process that takes place in tiny master workshops—with each master craftsman specializing in a particular part of the project. Specific pieces of the project are transported between several master workshops in order to achieve the ultimate final product. The Ultima Studio team supervises and accompanies the entire wood fabrication and installation process.

Upon the end of production we pack the products with the utmost care, gathering all items from the various master workshops to the Ultima warehouse. From there, we transport containers to the client's home in order to assemble the various items. Ultima's installation manager and his team of expert installers lovingly direct their efforts at bestowing the client with a home fitted with supreme woodwork of a world-class level.

The job doesn't just finish with the home's handover to the client. Ultima Studio is ready to provide service through the years to come.

The Ultima Studio method makes it possible for families and architects who adore classically styled solid wood design to fulfill their dreams. We enable our clients to bring the works of master wood craftsmen from the Veneto region in Italy into their homes in Israel and around the world.